Daily 5W-30 Leichtlauf-Motoröl

Daily 5W-30 Leichtlauf-Motoröl

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Daily 5W-30 Leichtlauf-Motoröl

Urania Daily 5W-30 is a fully synthetic low-viscosity motor oil with an effective fuel economy formula, developed and designed in cooperation with IVECO to address the requirements of modern engines with the latest Common Rail Technologie. F1C engines require URANIA DAILY exclusively.

Urania Daily guarantees - thanks to thousands of hours and millions of miles of laboratory testing, (and of course, aisde from its excellent results when it comes to fuel saving):
  • A total cleansing of the engine and effective protection of all oiled parts, up to the maximum expected mileage specified by IVECO.
  • Easy starting and optimum protection, whatever the wheather.
  • Developed for all common rail engines of the IVECO DAILY-Series
  • Corresponds to all current European Emission Standards
  • The Fuel Economy formula specially designed for commercial vehicles saves up to 4% fuel.
  • Urania Daily is recommended by IVECO for the green CNG-Engines of the DAILY series.

URANIA DAILY surpasses the specifications IVECO 18-1811Class SC1 with the approval C.T.R. N°I510.D09


Usage Recommendations


IVECO recommends the usage of URANIA DAILY to take advantage of the maximum service intervals allowed by the manufacturer.

Referencias 13451100
Aplicaciones Vehiculos industriales pesados
Liberaciones C.T.R. No. I510.D09
IVECO 18-1811 Classe SC1
SAE 5W-30
Viscosidad 5W-30
Propiedades Aceite de baja viscosidad
Completamente sintetico
EAN/GTINs 8001238083393


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