Daily LS 5W-30 Leichtlauf-Motoröl

Daily LS 5W-30 Leichtlauf-Motoröl

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Daily LS 5W-30 Leichtlauf-Motoröl

Urania Daily LS 5W-30 is a fully synthetic low-viscosity motor oil for IVECO DAILY vehicles, specially developed for the latest generation of engines (EURO 5) equipped with diesel particulate filters (DPF) and variable geometry turbochargers (VGT). Its low-SAPS composition protects the particulate filter against burning residues excellently, while its effective "Fuel Economy Technology" allows improved fuel economy. Urania Daily LS surpasses the C.T.R. N°I510.D09 approved IVECO 18-1811 CLASS SC1 specifications.


Urania Daily LS was developed in cooperation with IVECO and Petronas, to guarantee maximum performance and maximum engine protection. Its special composition, the result of thousands of laboratory, testing track and normal usage testing hours, gives this product extraordinary properties:
  • High protection of the diesel particulate filter, due to the special
  • Low SAPS composition, which extends the service life of the DPF up to 40%
  • The special stability against oxidation improves the performance of the turbines even under difficult conditions of use
  • Fulfils the current Euro-5 emission standards
  • Total cleansing of the engine and effective protection of all oil parts, up to the maximum mileage indicated by IVECO
  • Excellent fuel economy results as a result of the special viscosimetric gradation
  • Allows the engine to start easily and provides optimum protection in any weather

Usage recommendations

IVECO recommends using Urania Daily LS to achieve the maximum service intervals allowed by the manufacturer. Particularly recommended for transporters with EURO 5 engines equipped with the latest diesel particulate filters. The specifications of the vehicle manufacturers should be noted.

Referencias 13581100
Aplicaciones Vehiculos industriales pesados
Liberaciones ACEA C2
C.T.R. No. I510.D09
IVECO 18-1811 Classe SC1
SAE 5W-30
Viscosidad 5W-30
Propiedades Aceite de baja viscosidad
Completamente sintetico
EAN/GTINs 8001238134576


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